Group Coaching

Thrive and Connect to Mental Wealth. A six-week online group programme is designed to help you tap into your inner potential and purpose, and commit to taking action to create the life you want.

Group Coaching – Thrive and Connect to Mental Wealth

We all want to feel like we’re thriving in life, not just surviving or getting by. And one of the key factors in making that happen is accessing our mental wealth.

We’re excited to introduce the Thrive and Connect to Mental Wealth programme in 2022. This six week online group programme is designed to help you tap into your inner potential and purpose, and commit to taking action to create the life you want.

Each week you’ll receive:

  • A 1-2 hour group coaching call
  • A theme-based workbook, called the ‘fun-book’ ;-)
  • A video and audio recording of the coaching call

We explore six themes over six weeks in great detail — Trust, Health, Resilience, Impact, Vulnerability and Exploration.

Week 1 – Trust

Our programme kicks off by trying to understand the importance and relevance of trust. In this key session, you’ll discover how to:

  • Trust your inner voice and wisdom
  • Strengthen relationships by building trust
  • Listen with empathy and understanding
  • Foster collaboration and community
  • Promote transparency and accountability

Trust is the foundation upon which all progress is built, so it’s important to learn how to cultivate it within ourselves and in our interactions with others.

Week 2 – Health

Maintaining good physical and mental health can be a challenge. This week, we find out how to overcome those challenges by:

  • Learning how to be proactive with our health goals
  • Committing to taking action for our health today
  • Taking small steps each day towards better health
  • Understanding that we all have an inner strength that we can draw upon when times are tough

Our health is the foundation upon which we build our lives; it is the essential ingredient that allows us to realise our purpose and inner potential. When we neglect our health, we inevitably limit our ability to creative manifestation in the world.

Week 3 – Resilience

Inner strength and the ability to bounce back from difficult experiences are qualities that we all possess. This week we’ll learn to:

  • Draw upon our inner strengths
  • Develop an unshakeable sense of self-worth
  • Connect with others more authentically
  • Being resilient today!

No matter what life throws our way, we can always choose to be resilient. By making the commitment to be resilient today, we set ourselves up for the life we want to live.

Week 4 – Creating Impact

The impact of choosing a being that is true to your purpose are manifold:

  • It creates a life of joy, passion and abundance
  • It allows you to be in the flow of our natural talents and gifts
  • We feel fulfilled and at ease because we know that we are making a difference in the world
  • We are more likely to attract like-minded people into our lives who can support us on our journey

Committing to creating impact today opens up new possibilities for ourselves and makes the world a better place.

Week 5 – Vulnerability & Visibility

This week we explore how being vulnerable and real benefits you. You’ll learn how it enables you to:

  • Feel empowered to be yourself
  • Connect authentically with others
  • You will feel grounded in your true essence
  • Gain clarity and insight about who you are and what you want in life

This sense of authenticity and connection is what allows us to grow and evolve to our fullest potential.

Week 6 – Explore & Empower

In this last session, you discover how by continuing your inner exploration you:

  • Gain a fresh perspective on life and the challenges you face
  • Develop greater clarity and understanding of yourself
  • Become more peaceful, joyful and content within yourself
  • Strengthen your ability to connect with others, deepening all relationships

At Thrive And Connect, you’ll learn how to manifest your true purpose creatively and powerfully. If you’re ready to make a lasting change in your life, this programme is for you.

“I loved how present Rani was with every question and how much compassion and wisdom she was able to access on the spot. It was very informative and relevant throughout, and the content feels like something that I’ll refer to time and again…”

“The Thrive And Connect course epitomises our sense of wholeness.  Each session builds on the truth that our spiritual, mental and physical aspects are interconnected, always intact and available to create the best life possible for ourselves…”

“It was very helpful and inspiring. It has helped me with a traumatic experience which happened to me a few months ago…”

Contact us today if you are looking for a coach who takes a holistic approach to mental health. We would be happy to talk to you.