About Dr Suraj Gogoi

‘We are capable of great things once we realise we can create the experiences we want. Our capacity for greatness is only limited by our imagination and our willingness to commit to what we desire.’
Dr Suraj Gogoi

Dr Suraj Gogoi isn’t just a holistic psychiatrist and transformational life coach, but also a spiritual guide illuminating the path to self-discovery and personal growth for those seeking his counsel. His unique expertise extends beyond conventional modalities as he intertwines deep-rooted spiritual practices with psychiatric principles to offer a transformative journey to wellness.

With over 20 years of experience leading the clinical field, Dr Gogoi has honed his abilities to navigate the intricate landscapes of the human psyche, providing healing that seamlessly integrates mind, body, and spirit. He has a unique ability to empathise without judgment, providing a comforting window into the soul of his clients, and helping to uncover the core root of their struggles.

What truly sets Dr Gogoi apart is his humble, grounded approach. Despite his extensive knowledge and transformative skills, he greets every individual with an open heart and a learner’s curiosity, treating each person as a unique universe of experiences deserving of respect, empathy, and understanding.

Dr Gogoi’s empathetic listening transcends merely hearing his clients. He genuinely connects with them, comprehending their narratives, their pain, dreams, and fears. By fostering an environment of safety and trust, he encourages open dialogue, making clients feel seen, heard, and understood, often for the first time.

No Judgment, Just Understanding: The Power of Empathetic Listening

A testament to his life’s work is his deep commitment to the philosophy of “no judgment, just understanding.” He honours each individual’s journey, providing a safe haven for expressing vulnerabilities without fear of criticism or judgment, paving the way for genuine healing and transformation.

Dr Gogoi is a qualified holistic psychiatrist with a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) and a Membership of the Royal College of Psychiatry (MRCPsych), United Kingdom. Further broadening his expertise, he holds a Global MBA from the University of Manchester.

Join Dr Gogoi on a journey to mental wealth and inner transformation, as he guides you towards a healthier, more fulfilling life. His practice isn’t about quick fixes, but a deeper exploration into the self, leading to sustainable change and growth. Through his compassionate guidance and spiritual grounding, let Dr Gogoi help unlock your potential today.

“We are not here to judge the path you’ve walked, but to illuminate the path ahead. In this journey, there are no mistakes, only lessons that shape us into who we truly are.” – Suraj


‘Suraj is a superstar! Plain and simple. I sought his professional advice and was not disappointed. He is calm, measured and above all else, approachable.’

‘I can honestly say that Suraj is one of the most, if not the most, enlightening and inspiring people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. A placid sea of calm and the most attentive of listeners – he has given me advice on multiple occasions that have dramatically changed both my personal life and my career.’

‘Suraj is one of the most approachable practitioners I’ve worked with. He is knowledgeable and friendly without being intimidating.’

‘Calm, kind. Good at being with people in distress. Methodical and clear-headed in thinking through complex clinical situations, and then does have the nerve to act on his hypothesis (usually with success).’

‘Suraj is a very capable clinician and highly respected by the team. His strengths are his ability to involve all…’

‘Scores very high on equanimity, emotional intelligence. Always present…’

‘Clarity of thought in formulations. Respectful of all.’

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Professional qualifications:

Dr Suraj Gogoi is a holistic psychiatrist and mental wealth, inner transformation coach with over 20 years of clinical leadership experience. He is qualified as a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) from India and has a Membership of the Royal College of Psychiatry (MRCPsych), United Kingdom. He also has a 🎓 Global MBA from the University of Manchester.

Suraj is passionate about helping his clients find their way back to a life they love.

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